Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

ACB Convention Performance Information

March 31, 2016

Kudos to you all for a wonderful performance - attendance was almost perfect -- you looked good, you played good.  There were so many good comments on our performance, especially "Russian  Christmas". We got a standing ovation!  It was memorable experience that we won't soon forget.

Honoring Joe for 25 years as our Conductor

Presentation Speech given to Joe by President Doug Lewis:

I am Doug Lewis, President of the Youngstown Area Community Concert Band.

This year we are celebrating a significant milestone in the history of our band.  Our band became active in 1983.  Joe started to conduct the band in 1990.  Joe and Peggy Pellegrini are in their 25th year with Joe being the conductor of the Youngstown Area Community Concert Band.

During this quarter of a century as our conductor,  Joe has learned:

  • to follow us as we set tempos,
  • that we interpret our own music dynamic markings
  • and we will occasionally look up at him to see what he is doing on the podium

It is amazing he still has a full head of hair!

In addition, he has patiently prodded us to improve musically.  Joe has spent much time between rehearsals and concerts to:

  • the reviewing of music scores
  • Adjusting and rewriting parts
  • Writing and sending out notice letters to the media for marketing and band promotion
  • Getting up before the crack of dawn to appear on early morning television programs to present the band to the public prior to a major concert event
  • And numerous tasks I am not aware of

Joe’s message: “I want all members, past, present and future, to know how proud I am to stand in front of the YACCB and make music together”.  

I have the pleasure of presenting this Certificate of Appreciation to Joe!

Joe, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for us.
Peggy, thank you for permitting Joe to do these things for us!

Terri Madej, our Member Representative to the Board, will now present a small momento from the membership.

Joe was presented with a Certificate and a personalized conductor baton.



Update:   Ted died on Friday, June 30, 2017, at his home in Youngstown with his family by his side.  We remember him fondly --his great story telling, his sense of humor, his straight-to-the-point outlook on life.  He loved YACCB and the comradeship with fellow musicians.  He was instrumental in getting YACCB started and in mentoring it through the years.  Rest in peace!

On Monday January 12, 2015, Doug Lewis and John Berthold visited Ted O’Connor and his wife Shirley at their home in Youngstown.  Ted is a charter member and played in the first concert that YACCB perfomed in 1984.  The purpose of the visit was to surprise Ted with an award.  Ted was granted Lifetime Membership in the Youngstown Area Community Concert Band.  Lifetime or Life Membership in the YACCB is a membership classification provided for in the BYLAWS “that may be awarded to any member who has contributed outstanding or distinguished service over an extended period of time as determined by the Executive Board”.  Doug Lewis presented Ted with a plaque with the words reproduced below.  Following the presentation, Ted shared his memories of the YACCB with Doug, and John recorded a video of Ted’s reminiscence.  You can watch the 4-minute video now available.


YACCB merchandise is available to you.   Only  band shirts are required, the following are optional:

  • ball cap - khaki color to match our shirts - adjustable, one size fits all - YACCB scroll stitched on the front
  • lined black jacket - name and logo on the back, options for name on right front pocket and/or instrument on left front - warm enough to take you through all but the extreme cold days of winter
  • black hooded sweatshirt with zipper - logo on left front - for anytime you need that extra layer!

Download and print an order form.  Complete and bring to rehearsal with cash or a check made out to YACCB.



YACCB activities are kept on a Google calendar.  If you keep an electronic calendar on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, you can subscribe to the YACCB calendar so you don't have to manually enter our rehearsals, concerts, or meetings.  By keeping your personal calendar automatically updated with the YACCB calendar, you always have the most current information.  To subscribe, you will need to use the URL address:

Alternately, if your personal calendar is Google, you can "add a friend's calendar" with the address