Youngstown Area Community Concert Band

Cancellation Protocol

due to bad weather or emergency situation

Our director Joe Pellegrini along with members of the board will make a cancellation decision PRIOR to 5pm on the date of a rehearsal or performance.   Please note that if YSU closes its doors then our rehearsal is automatically cancelled.

Once that decision is made, mass email will be sent asap along with notice posted on the home page of our website. 

You are expected to make sure everyone in your section knows about the cancellation.  You should know the players in your section who do not get or check email, and you should make personal contact as needed.  Please be prepared by having the preferred contact information for everyone in your section.  Our roster with emails and phone numbers is on the Members Page under the sublevel Secure Area, and it is always a good idea to check that you have the most accurate information.

Let your section leader know if you prefer a phone call or a text.  Let us know if your information has changed from what is on the website.

Check your email or the website, or contact someone in band after 5pm and prior to braving bad weather to get to rehearsal. 

Stay safe.  Even if rehearsal is not cancelled and you feel uncomfortable driving, please do NOT take a chance.